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1. Anbu
I am doing gospel work since 11 years. I started church ministry from January 2013. Now around 200 people are coming to worship god in our prayer hall. All they are very poor. Around 40 persons were get baptism. In 2008, a branch ministry was started at a small village Nampalie. Around 100 people are visiting to worship there.
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  We are doing different ministries like convention meetings, village ministry, youth meetings, children ministry, women ministry, magazine ministry, television ministry, etc…

Every year we help poor, give fellowship meals, prices to children and visit the ministry fields. Every month we help the missionaries. All these ministries are done under Jesus Gives Redeem Trust (Reg. No 2/2006). So I kindly ask you to pray for me, my family, our ministry, fellow workers and our team members. If you like to help our ministry, please contact us and help us.
Bro. E. Vijaya Raj,
Jesus Gives Redeem Ministry,
Edaicode - PO,
Kanyakumari - Dist
Pin : 629152
Tamil Nadu.
Cell : 9442759727
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